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It is an extraordinary privilege to represent the people of the First District of Nebraska in Congress. The First District is reflective of the wonderful diversity of Nebraska–vast rolling farmland; wildlife habitat; the Platte, Elkhorn, and Missouri Rivers; the State Capitol and Husker football; small town pride with a strong emphasis on hard work, opportunity, education, faith and family. I am proud of our heritage and proud to serve as a member of the Nebraska delegation in the United States House of Representatives.

Despite the significant challenges our nation faces and the divisiveness that too often stifles creative thinking and collaboration in Congress, I believe there’s nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed by what’s right in America.  And I believe that Nebraska, with our determined focus on fiscal responsibility and pragmatic governance, has much to offer America by way of example.

In Congress my priorities are economic security, national security, and family security.  The strength of the nation ultimately depends upon the strength of families and communities.

Please know of my commitment to meeting this era with fiscally prudent public policies, guided by the lasting principles of goodness and justice, and built upon the solemn traditions of our country.

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