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About Jeff

Jeff Fortenberry began public service with an extensive background in economics, public policy, and small business. A former publishing industry executive and Lincoln City Council Member, Jeff has a bachelors degree in economics and two masters degrees, one in public policy. Jeff and his wife Celeste live in Lincoln, where they raise five daughters. He has served the people of Nebraska’s First Congressional District as Congressman since 2005.

In the House of Representatives, Jeff serves on the Agriculture Committee, where he helped write the House Farm Bill and is chairman of the USDA operations and oversight subcommittee. Jeff has promoted agricultural entrepreneurship, new international markets for producers and domestic markets from the farm to the family, and ag-based renewable energy. He also serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee, with particular responsibilities on Middle Eastern affairs, nuclear weapons non-proliferation, and human rights. Jeff co-founded the Congressional Nuclear Security Caucus and has served on the House Democracy Partnership Commission to work with emerging democracies around the world.

In Nebraska, Jeff has focused on assisting citizens in their various dealings with the federal government on issues such as veterans affairs, social security, and health related concerns. As a former City Council Member, he is frequently engaged in discussions with local officials on matters affecting the well-being of our State.

Jeff believes the strength of our nation ultimately depends on the strength of our families and communities. His efforts in Congress are focused on ensuring our nation’s economic security, national security, and family security.

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