All I’ve ever wanted to do is serve my country and try to help people. I am grateful for over 20 years of public service, and I’m proud of my record of accomplishments for Nebraska and for America.


I am thankful Judge Blumenfeld took the time to learn about who I am and what I have done in my life. And I am grateful he recognized that ‘by all accounts’ I am a man of ‘exceptional character.’ I was humbled today when the Judge noted that the testimony, including from government witnesses, established my honesty and integrity.


Having said that, this is a case that never should have been brought; and certainly not in California. As the Judge explained today, I knew nothing about the conspiracy to illegally funnel money to my campaign. I was kept in the dark about it, just like other candidates who received similar illegal campaign contributions. I trusted the FBI agents and prosecutors from the Department of Justice. They took advantage of that trust.


I will be appealing this verdict. We are continuing the fight for fairness that we’ve waged throughout this process. The issues at stake are much bigger than me. This case shows how the federal false statements statute can be weaponized by FBI and DOJ officials in a way Congress could not have contemplated when it was enacted and that it can be used to destroy the lives of even the most honorable people. On appeal, I will seek to change the way this dangerous statute is applied so it is less subject to abuse by the FBI and DOJ in the future.


This entire matter has been deeply traumatic for me and my family, but we’re still here, still standing. I’m grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support from friends all over the world. I’m especially grateful for the love and support of my family.



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About Jeff


Jeff Fortenberry was elected for nine terms to the United States House of Representatives. He rose to a senior level on the House Appropriations Committee where he distinguished himself as an effective legislator in foreign policy, food security issues, and healthcare initiatives. Jeff began public service with an extensive background in economics, public policy and small business. A former publishing business executive and Lincoln City Council Member, Jeff has a bachelor’s degree in economics and two master’s degrees, one in public policy. Jeff and his wife Celeste live in Lincoln, where they raised five daughters.

Jeff’s always prioritized economic security, national security, and family security.  Jeff’s frequently stated that the strength of our nation depends on the strength of our families and communities—and he often reminded his colleagues from across the country, "Let's just get things done!"


The citizens of Nebraska re-elected Jeff by significant margins each term.  


In a traumatic turn of events, Jeff Fortenberry was falsely accused of a scheme of lying to the FBI and the Department of Justice and unjustly convicted in a Los Angeles courtroom. The issue involved a plan to provide 30k of campaign funds to him. The Congressman is appealing  the outcome.


Please feel free to review the case. If your heart is so moved, we respectfully ask that you help us with the legal costs. 



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